Facilities & Services

The London House Management Team is responsible for all aspects of the building's operations and services.  The team is committed to providing tenants with high standards of office accomodation and services to ensure the comfort of all occupants and suitability of services. 

The building's Facilities Manager is located at Level one of London House.  In addition, a Concierge is located in the lobby and is available to assist with all tenant and visitor enquiries.


London House is located at 216 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia and comprises 17 floors plus 3 levels of car parking.

A typical floor plate is 930m2. 


London House is serviced by five lifts providing access to all office levels.  The lifts are centrally located within the core area of the building's floor space.

Outside of normal business hours, access to floors can only be gained by the use of a programmed access card. Tenants with particular security needs may arrange to secure their floor at times independent of normal business hours. 

Passenger Lifts

There are five 19 person passenger lifts serving levels ground and levels 1 to 17.  Load rated to 1,360kg.

Goods Lift

One of the passenger lifts is enabled as a goods lift to be utilised during fitout, large load transportation and deliveries. The available capacity of this lift is for 1,360kg and serves all floors including the mezzanine.  The internal height of the goods lift is slightly more than the passenger lifts for ease of moving large loads.  The goods lift can be booked for use by a single tenant for short periods of time in off-peak periods by contacting the Facilities Manager.

Fire Services

London House has a fire sprinkle system and fire hydrant and hose reel system in compliance with the current building regulations and Australian standards, which include:

  • An approved fire sprinkler system
  • Fire telephone installed on each floor
  • Fire stair pressurisation
  • Emergency evacuation warning system
  • Emergency lighting.

Car Parking

London House provides secure car parking available to tenants and the public located on three levels behind the building.

The building offers 105 car bays including mixed permanent, casual, public and bays for drivers with disabilities.  Access is off St Georges Terrace, exit via Hay Street.  Payment for public parking is by cash/credit card at the pay station located near the entry boom gate. 

Bays can be licensed by tenants and tenant's staff on a monthly basis or long term.  Programming of a security access cards is required to gain access.

Loading bays are at the rear of the building only and are restricted to 10 minutes.  The loading dock has been refurbished with the addition of a lift table for ease of transferring heavy loads.  

Air Conditioning

The building's system is designed to maintain a temperature of between 22-24C as per the recommended Australian Standards.

The air conditioning operates automatically during occupancy hours and after-hours use is available and operated by security card which will run a single tenancy for a 2 hour period.

A condenser water loop is currently also available to tenants to connect supplementary units to support high heat load areas such as meeting spaces and server rooms subject to approval from the Facilities Manager.

The airconditioning is programmed to meet design conditions between 8.30am to 6.00pm (business days - excluding public holidays).  Air conditioning maintenance faults are to be reported to the Facilities Manager.

Electrical Power Supply and Distribution

Power comes from a sub-station supplied by the supply authority.  Tenants have their individual meters in the floor distribution board.  Tenancy supply capacity is 180 amps per floor shared proportinately where levels are multi tenanted.

A 600KVA standby diesel generator system is installed for essential services in common areas and a small area of tenancies to enable an ordered evacuation of the property should circumstances necessitate.  Upon the loss of the main incoming power supply, selected services will be disconnected at the main board and the generator will automatically start following a timed delay.  There is adequate emergency lighting in the public area to provide safe egress in the event of an outage.  Exit signs will stay lit to guide people for up to 90 minutes. 


Cleaners are appointed to the building and work between 7.30am to 1pm and 6pm to 8.30pm weekdays.  Special request cleaning can be arranged through the Facilities Manager.  Major irregular cleaning, when required, occurs with advance notice to affected tenants and pedestrians.  At all times, any disruptions are considered and the impact on tenants and pedestrians is aimed to be minimised.

Co-mingled and cardboard recycling is available and encouraged. For more information please contact the facilities manager.


Trained contracted security guards provide random patrols of the building to ensure security to all perimeter areas and internal office area patrols outside normal business hours.  London House is equipped with a modern and sophisticated proximity based access control system and a closed circuit television network (CCTV).  

The building core security hours during business days are: 

  • Security off (all pedestrian entry points) 7.30am
  • Security on (all pedestrian entry points) 6.00pm

Security Carpark (boom gates)

Car park access for permanent and casual bays has security on 24 hours a day with access to authorised programmed access card holders only.  Access for public bays is by ticket with the car park locked overnight. 

If you need to organise any function after business hours, please advise the Facilities Manager in order to make appropriate security access arrangements.

Common driveway security hours are:

  • Security off 7.30am
  • Security on 6.00pm

Loading dock security hours are:

  • Security off 7.30am
  • Security on 6.00pm

Plasma in the foyer

A plasma screen TV is housed within the lobby area for tenants, staff and client quiet enjoyment in the lobby area.  World news, sport and local television are played during normal working hours.

Conference Room Booking

A fully equipped conference room is available on the ground floor and can accomodate 50 people.  The facility includes state of the art projection, sound and video systems.  The layout of the room can be changed to be appropriate for various functions with the availability of various shapes and sizes of tables to facilitate discussion, encourage communication, support education etc. 

To book the conference room please contact the building concierge on direct line 9321 3135, mobile 0411 552 298 or email lhsecurity@hawaiian.com.au

End of Trip Facilities and Bicycle Storage

End of trip facility including daily or weekly locker use and tower service together with secure storage for bicycles is located on the upper level rear carpark.

The facility is available to all tenants, occupants and their staff. The area is protected by electronic locks with access by use of programmed swipe cards.

Those wishing to use the facility can register and request access via the building WSR site. For more information contact your facilities manager.


A modern well equipped gymnasium is located on the mezzanine level and is available for use by tenants of the building and their staff.  Access is by presentation of an appropriately programmed security access card.

The area is protected by electronic locks with access via programmed swipe access cards.

Fore more information contact your facilities manager.


Tenants and their staff are updated on significant activities within the building by e-alerts to registered contacts in our commercial management system Work Request that is accessible under ‘Tenant Login’ from the homepage of this website. Registered contacts are encouraged to share the information with their colleagues in the building. If required, hard copy information about activities and updates will also be available at the Concierge Desk in the Ground Floor lobby.

Concierge Service


Available Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4:30pm at the Concierge desk on the ground floor.

Concierge can assist tenants with the below:

Visitors: Warm welcome, VIP meet & greet, Escorted to your office, Maps and Directions

Box Office: Theatre, Concert, Sports, Events, VIP entry

Entertainment: Restaurant bookings, Limousine & hire cards, Hotel reservations, travel advice, attractions, recommendations, catering.

Personal: Dry-cleaning, tailoring, Health and Beauty, Gifts, Shopping, Appointments


Discover what we can do for you, come and meet our concierge.